Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fab 5 goes Geo-Caching

We had a great weekend! We all hung out at home Friday evening and tried to rest up for the rest of the weekend. Saturday was Kylie's basketball game. Saturday night we had a "Rock Band" invite, but decided to stay in since it was rainy and cold. Plus, we were all anxiously awaiting Sunday...we had been planning Sunday for a few weeks now. Sunday was an absolute blast as we all loaded up to give geo-caching a try. We dropped Landen off at Granny's house since he's not quite big enough to enjoy and then we were off (so Fab 5 was really only 4 today, but he'll be big enough one day to join us)!

Kylie was the first one to find a hidden trinket--she was pumped!
This was the log from our first find of the day! We're leaving our mark!
Here's the geo-cachers themselves! We were so cold, but had so much fun!
In some of the boxes, there were some really neat items left behind like this one. It was a coin with a note inside that said, "I am traveling to Coldwater, Alberta, Canada. Thanks for moving me!"

Bell Park was difficult for us for some reason--of course this hide didn't match the clues. But, somehow Richie still managed to find it!

We never could find this one hidden in Bell Park--guess we will save that one for another day!

Here is the log book at one of the sites. We logged our visit and our leave-behind item (see below).....
At some of the geo-caches, the "find" was big enough to hold trinkets. You could leave something and take another trinket from the box. We chose to just contribute and not take anything. At this stop, we left a green/blue horse.
This one is Weston's find. He was so proud to finally find one before his sister! It was kind of a tricky one too since it had camouflage on it and it wasn't very visible. Great job, Weston!



Erin said...

My parents have taken my boys geo-caching several times. Every time w pass the coal miners memorial or the green caboose they talk about the geo-cache they found there!! Lots of fun!

SheWolf said...

It was awesome! I think we found a new hobby!

John said...

Nice Job! Looks like alot of fun! Happy Hunting! DAD