Saturday, January 23, 2010


What a sweet girl...well, most of the time! Today she had an awesome basketball game. She looks completely different from two weeks ago and I am just so, so proud of her! Way to go girl!
However, we came home and the drama between her and her brother began....not sure how it started but I know how it ended. They were fighting and she calls her brother an "egomanic" and he doesn't like that and proceeds to grab her arm and tells her to "come here". Well, he grabbed a bit too hard. So, they both spent the afternoon taking a nap. During her time of meditation, Kylie wrote everyone in the family a note and here's what mine said.I am so happy that she has the humility to say I'm sorry, ask for forgiveness and then move on. The girl is so good at not holding grudges and just letting it go. Sometimes that is so hard to do, even as an adult. I am proud of the little woman she is becoming!

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