Monday, January 04, 2010

Richie Gets Inked...and Keeps it All in the Family!

Yesterday was my first time to witness someone getting a tattoo...what an amazing process! Richie has been planning this tattoo for awhile now, but he wanted to make sure it was just right. He researched fonts and footprint tattoos...he wanted to make sure it was as close to Landen's footprints as possible, he didn't just want "footprints". So, we took Landen's actual footprints from his baby book on the day he was born. The final result you see at the bottom is what Landen's footprints look like in the book. I also wanted to make sure they were actual size--I think that's going to be the neatest thing about them as he gets older! Richie's nephew, Kurtis helped him layout his tattoo. He is such a talented artist, I was amazed at how he could draw and design! The first step was sketching out the tattoo for size and placement. Next they transferred Kurtis' drawing to his arm. The light part of the tattoo is the carbon and the dark part is areas that he had tattooed.
Here is Kurtis working his magic! Richie said the most painful part of the tattoo process is the "rubbing" that Kurtis would do after each little tattoo line (he was rubbing off excess ink). The whole process looked painful to me!
Here is when the guys took a break...they were about halfway done filling in the letters of the name with a blue ink. The rest of the tattoo is black.
And the finished project! It's awesome!
What a special tattoo...I think it was such a tribute to the time that Richie has waited to becoming a father. He loves his little guy and I can't think of a better way for him to show the love he has for him!

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