Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Fun

Weston and Kylie had a great Halloween with their fun costumes...
Weston was Slash from Guns-n-Roses and Kylie was a man-eating shark. Landen was a Tootsie Roll! I dressed up as a sleep-deprived Mommy of a newborn! (didn't take much effort ha!)
This morning we are going to visit a new church and I am so excited--I hate being out of church and am ready to get back. I want to find the perfect church home though. I want one where my kids know kids from school so that they have friends that can keep them accountable at school, but I also want one that I can get involved in because I plan to take an active role once we find a church home. I used to be so involved in church and it kills me that it's not a part of my life right now. I really need it--I need the interaction with others and the weekly dose of "act right"!

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