Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Loser....

Well, I finally found some time to go by Let's Lose and get started on my diet. Ouch--I forgot how restricting diets are and since you have to journal, well, that means I have to confess those Oreos! But, it'll be worth it if I can get back in my jeans. When I came home from the hospital about a week ago, I measured my waist. From delivery to arriving home, I had lost 4 inches on my waist (however, I delivered an 8 1/2 lb baby, so I was hoping for more than 4 inches)!! Well, at my measurement today at Let's Lose, I have already lost another 4 inches and that's before I even start the diet! Woo Hoo! But, now it's time to get serious--the rest of the pounds aren't going to be as easy! So wish me luck--I am gonna need it!
Today, Richie, Landen and I got out of the house and went shopping for a bit. It was so nice to see daylight (even if it is cloudy and rainy) and walk around. I was glad to get some "exercise" even if it wasn't much!

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