Sunday, October 25, 2009

Road Rash Revenge

Poor Weston! As if falling off the scooter and getting a serious case of road rash wasn't enough, he now has a spot of it on his arm that may be infected. It was Kyle's weekend and he called this morning to tell me that Weston was running a fever--my first thought, swine flu! But then he continued on and said that his arm was very swollen and one of his "rashes" was a little funky looking. So, it looks like I will be taking Weston to the doctor tomorrow in hopes of getting it checked out. Pray for the little fella that he doesn't have an infection!
In other news, Richie and I are working on cleaning on my old metal barn so that I can turn it over to my parents. Talk about a lot of stuff! But kudos to Richie, he didn't complain one time today while we were moving a trailer load of boxes and other stuff out of there. (Richie absolutely HATES moving) It was so nice--I was worried that he was going to be cranky today about moving all of that stuff, but he was so good about it. I know it's a pain moving stuff especially someone else's junk that has been stored away for 5 plus years, so thank you baby for taking one for the team and putting up with moving all of that "junk"!
Landen is having such a good night so far (ok, I have probably jinxed myself saying that!) He has slept in his bassinet for most of the night since 8:30 pm. It's now 1:20 a.m. and I just got him in his bassinet's praying that we are starting a wonderful habit. Richie goes back to work tomorrow so it's just me. I don't know why I am so nervous and anxious about this whole thing. With Weston and Kylie, I was on my own after just a couple of days, so having help for 3 weeks is a huge blessing. I guess I am just worried that by the time I go back to work that Landen still won't be sleeping well and that I am going to be severely exhausted driving all over the place. So, add that to your prayer list, too!

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