Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Baby Landen is One Week Old!

I can hardly believe it, but my baby is already a week old! We are all adjusting to each other and there is definitely a lack of sleep around our house (except, of course, for Landen)!
As a catch-up on the last week, Landen was in NICU for about 36 hours starting on last Thursday night. He evidently aspirated amniotic fluid during birth and it was causing a few issues for him. It was such a flashback to when Kylie was a newborn and I had to take her to the ER and we ended up spending 5 days in Peds and 5 days on home health because she was so sick (they thought she had meningitis). I can honestly say my heart skipped a beat and I was pretty tense for awhile until we got his blood cultures and other test results back. He also started breathing a little better and so they released him on Saturday morning back to my room. But, since it was our discharge day, he had to have his circumcision done--I cried after signing the papers and leaving him with the nurse to be circumcised. Then, I just lay there in my bed and worried the whole time I knew the surgery was going on. That night, we were able to go home and he had his roughest time yet. He was so stressed, couldn't keep his food down, and was just miserable every time you changed his diaper. I felt soooo sorry for him. He's doing much better now, but he's still having a hard time at night with sleeping. He loves to sleep on Daddy's chest and seems to think his bassinet has "thorns" in it! But, we will just keep working on it and hopefully it'll get better.
We are also having a hard time getting his food situated. Since he went to NICU, he wasn't able to breastfeed for awhile and got confused on what/how to eat. We finally decided to stick with formula only and bought one we thought was best. He's done great on it, but when I called the pediatrician, she is not fond of that formula and asked us to switch to a different one. I really hope that he does alright on it.

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