Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Case of Road Rash

A couple of days ago, Weston was playing at a friend's house down the street. We live on quite a hill and the kids love to ride their scooter/skateboard thingees (I can't for the life of me think of the name of this thing) and we have watched the neighbor kid fly down the hill from our house to his house and Richie and I both said if he ever falls, he's gonna regret it. Well, it wasn't him that finally fell--it was Weston! And let me say he has a serious case of road rash! We texted the pics to his Dad and Angela that night and his Dad called the next day and was floored by how bad it looked! But I must say Weston has been really big about the whole thing and hasn't complained too much. And bless his heart, the other morning he woke up and his shirt was stuck to his wounds! I have a feeling he won't be riding that scooter thing down the hill any time soon--one of those "lessons learned" moments.
Well, so far I am doing pretty good at walking the neighborhood--I am up to about 1.5 miles and a chunk of that is up the hill I just mentioned which will kick anyone's rear! I have only been able to go every other day, but honestly that's about all I need to do anyway--in fact, I think Dr. Bell would've gotten on to me yesterday at my check-up if I had told him what I was doing! He was telling me to take it easy and not vacuum, etc if it hurts. All I could think was, "I wonder what he would think of my little walking expeditions?" :)
Seriously though, I am still sore, but I honestly think the walking has definitely helped....that and the Belly Bandit I bought. That, my friends, is the secret to getting your tummy back. I can't believe how flat my belly looks 3 weeks after the baby!
Oh and guess where baby Landen is? Asleep in his bassinet!!!! He's been there for about an hour or so! I am sure it won't last, but I really would like to get him used to sleeping by himself. We bought a "white noise" machine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday that plays different nature sounds like waterfall, rain, ocean, etc and I have that going next to the bassinet, so hopefully we can progress toward him sleeping on his own. Mommy really needs some quality R&R!!!

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