Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I got shot!

Dr. Ashcraft (our pediatrician) advised me a few weeks ago to get a flu shot if at all possible--why? Well, because Landen has to be 6 months old before he can get one and since that is pretty much at the very end of flu season, it is not going to help. However, if I get one while I am pregnant, he is passed some of the antibodies and is protected up to 6 I was driving past Walgreen's the other day when I saw a sign that said they had flu shots. I high-tailed it right to the pharmacy desk and asked what I had to do to get one. It was simple--pay $25 and I was hooked up. So, I did it for Landen! It's just a seasonal flu shot, not the H1N1, but hey that's one less flu to worry about.
Meanwhile, I have been fighting allergies/cold and it stinks when you're pregnant. You're already tired and miserable--add not being able to breath and more fatigure and I am pretty much a sloth right now.
4 weeks from today and Landen will be here!!!

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