Monday, September 28, 2009

48 Hours and Counting

We are less than 48 hours from the big moment! I am getting so anxious! I went to the doctor today and he was proud of me--I haven't lost any weight, but I didn't gain any either which was good news. So, hopefully I am winning the battle with the swelling. My blood pressure was up, but not too worrisome. All in all it was a good visit. We went over the whole process--I am checking in after midnight Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning so that I can get some medicine to help me sleep that night. With Kylie, I stayed awake all night long! I was sooo nervous about the IV, the spinal block, etc knowing that I wasn't going to have contractions distracting me. And I must say I am already anxious about all of that this time again.
But I got some great news about the process this time. Our hospital does an "ambient c-section"....what this means is that the c-section is held in a very relaxed, calm atmosphere. They turn off all of the lights except a flood light on my belly to see to perform the c-section. Then, there are vanilla candles burning. We are able to choose music from an I-Pod to be playing during the birth and the part I am absolutely happy about--Richie can walk in the surgery room from the very beginning with me. He doesn't have to wait until after my spinal block and all of the prep! He can actually hold my hand during the spinal block and hopefully relax me. This is huge because I was stuck 8 times with Kylie because I wouldn't relax! The whole setting sounds so nice and hopefully more enjoyable!

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