Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Baby is Here!

Our friends Jeremy and Catina had their baby last night and we went up to see her today.....Addison is such a cutie! Jeremy was quite the proud Daddy I must say. Addison sneezed a few times and Richie thought that was the cutest thing he had ever seen. I must say Richie is in for some exciting days ahead with Landen (once he gets here!). Babies change so much and everything they do, down to a little sneeze is such a sweet moment. Richie was amazed at how awesome Catina looked this morning--she had her make-up on, her hair down. She didn't even look like she had had a baby last night. I reminded him she didn't have a c-section, because I don't want him to freak out when I look like death warmed over the next day! :) Seriously though, she looked great and was in great spirits. Addison weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and she and Landen were both 4.5 lbs on their ultrasounds at 32 weeks, so I have a feeling Landen will be a big boy for sure now! I say this as I eat my 5th Oreo in about 2 minutes--so I am sure, my diet at this point is helping that out a bit too.
Ok, now I have to rant for a bit. Now before you read my rant, please understand I have the best for everyone in mind. Yesterday, I was driving to Wal-Mart and a gentleman on a motorcycle was behind me. Well, I was proceeding to move to the left lane, but had a funny feeling about the guy on the bike. Let me say that I have spent my fair share of time on a motorcycle and have even been in a motorcycle wreck, so I am a BIG advocate of making sure you are aware of motorcyclist on the road. However, I also feel that when you get on a motorcycle, you have an obligation to be conscious of your surroundings as well. Anyway, I was floored when I put on my blinker to move to the left lane, checked my mirror and was about to change lanes only to have the motorcyclist squeeze between me and the car in the left lane and take off! I promise if I hadn't been watching him, I would've hit him. I was furious--how disrespectful to other drivers and how wreckless he is with his life and mine to drive so carelessly! I told Richie the story and it was weird today because on our way home, we had another guy on a motorcycle drive careless and pull right out in front of us! Note: These were cruiser bikes, not "crotch-rockets". These were also men in their mid-30's, not careless teenagers.

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