Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot Apple Pie!

Last night I had what I would for sure consider a craving. You see we had been at Cheddar's yesterday afternoon and I saw apple pie a la mode on the menu, however I was so full from lunch I couldn't bear to eat anything else. But the apple pie thought stuck with me the rest of the day! So, I decided last night to try and make one. Well, I didn't have any ready-made crusts handy but I had everything else, so I made the whole pie, including the crust, from scratch!! I have wanted to make an apple pie for years, but for some reason it intimidated me. But a pregnancy craving sure calms the nerves and I just decided to go for it. Well, I asked Richie if he liked apple pie (not that I would change my mind about making it even if I was the only one to eat it) and he said he wasn't really fond of it. It was so late last night when it was ready, that I waited until this morning to try it. And I ate 2 pieces. Oh. My. Gosh. It was SO yummy. I told Richie how good it was and he tried a piece and said it was the best apple pie he had every tasted! :)
Tonight we are having tilapia baked in parchment packs with seasoned veggies. It was a Red Lobster favorite of mine, but they won't make it anymore that way (according to the waitress, the cook said it was too much trouble). So, I have come up with my own version and maybe it will satisfy my desire!

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