Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Great Movie and a Great Weekend!

Richie and I saw the best movie today! Fireproof is such an awesome story about the real meaning of love and the importance of continually working at your marriage. Anyone that is married will say that it isn't always easy--but I think we sometimes make it harder than it has to be. Time can be your best friend or worst enemy in marriage. You can either wake up one day completely out of love or more in love than you can ever imagine. We can either spend each day investing in our marriage or each day slowly chiseling away at the love that brought two people together. This movie really taps into how marriage fails before either person really knows what happened. The central tool in the book is a Love Dare Journal which challenges the person to 40 days of putting your partner first. I think that marriages fail because of lack of respect and a selfish desire. Marriage isn't two people living under one roof, but one couple working together. Divorce is so easy these days and when both people aren't willing to put forth an effort to save the marriage, it will inevitably fail. One person can't do it alone. It takes two people to make it work. It takes two people working everyday. If you get a free evening or afternoon, go see the movie!
I have to say this has been one of the best weekends because Adelina has my house all cleaned up and I have had time to really enjoy the weekend. It has flown by like usual, but I have some great memories from the weekend instead of a frustration over trying to continually get things done only to find that it's Sunday and nothing is done!

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