Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome Back 1987!!!

Ok, in the last year, I have gotten younger by 20 years! Can you say 80's throwback year? I LOVE it! It all kicked off with my absolute favorite trio as a kid--The Chipmunks! When I saw they had a movie coming out last winter, I went nuts. Nuts to the point my then fiance wondered if he was making a wise choice in the "woman" he had chosen. But, let me just say it has only gotten better since then--so good I can't imagine what could be next! This summer, when NKOTB (better known to us pre-teen girls in the 80's as New Kids on the Block) decided to get back together AND tour, I honestly thought I was going to have to start teasing my bangs and wearing capri leggings--wait, I am wearing capri leggings again! OH NO! The 5 guys were on Rachael Ray the other day and I just want to know how they haven't aged (but I have!)....Then, there is my new DVR must-see show--let's all say it together now 90210! Yes, Kelly and Brenda are back! I just hope the producers KEEP them on the show. I need them on there to be able to relate, because I am old now and not in high school, so I don't quite relate to the girls on the show. But, when Brenda announced the Kelly's little boy was fathered by Dylan, I just felt like a teenager all over again!
So, let me just say that 2007-2008 has felt like 1987-1988! So, what's left to bring back? I don't know, but I can't wait to see!
So, for now, check the "In The I-Pod" section on the right for some of my favorite 1980's...most specifically '87-88 hit songs!

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