Monday, October 20, 2008

Manic Monday

I am so glad today is over--I hate wishing away a day of my life, but Mondays seem to just be tagged with this awful aura. No one likes Mondays. It's like hearing "Monday" is a laugh in the face of a whole long agonizing week ahead. It's a constant reminder of what you have to go through to make it to the weekend. It's not that today was that bad, I am just ready for weekend and it's only Monday!!
Anyway, I am still cranking along in the Love Dare book. I got a few days behind, but am now back on track. So, the first day was "Love is Patient" and it was all about keeping a lid on those negative comments. Well, the second day was Love is Kind. It describes kindness as "love in action" which is such a great analogy. The dares for that day and the next few have to do with buying your loved one something "just because" and calling "for no reason". It's little things that get us in the habit of thinking of our spouse and constantly putting them first!

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