Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Dare Ya!

I have started my Love Dare Journal today--I meant to start on Sunday, but Kylie had a little accident--have to tell you about that first.
Ok, so I was sitting on my bed and I had just started reading the Love Dare Journal when I heard this loud boom followed by a scream, then a cry, then a shrill scream, then a yell, then more crying from my daughter's room. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to her room. When I got there, she was laying over her bed with her hands over her face and Weston had a look of fear on his face. I asked him what happened and he said when he heard Kylie scream he ran in her room to find her on her knees holding up her huge 6 drawer dresser as it was falling on her. So, he pushed the dresser back up against the wall and when he did, her stereo system came crashing down and fell on her head/face! He was shaking and so scared--he said it was so frightening to find her under the dresser like that. I told him he was a hero and she could've been seriously hurt if he hadn't came in her room to rescue her when he did.....
Anyway, back to my Love Journal. So, today I finally had time to sit down and start the "dare". Today's dare centered around patience and controlling our anger with our spouses. I have come a long way in the "patience" section, but we can all stand to improve even more. As for anger, well I think whenever I get angry at Richie, I find it is because I wanted him to do something, but I didn't ask him to. It's like I expect him to read my mind. Which, as I realized today, isn't fair to him. I really liked how it talked about letting each other be human and realizing we all make mistakes. It also talked about letting each other talk and explain before immediately getting angry. I think sometimes we, as married couples, get angry and start yelling before we ever listen to our spouse. The journal really stressed listening as a vital piece of having patience and controlling our anger.
Today's dare was to find ways to be patient with our spouse and to not say anything negative. If we found ourselves wanting to say something negative, we were to not say anything at all. I did Ok on today's exercise, but I really didn't have anything challenging to face, so it is definitely something I need to keep in mind for the next time I find myself upset.
Well, tomorrow my boss is riding with me--I totally dread the day because we are going to my least favorite clinic and I didn't have any time to prepare tonight at all. Wish my luck!!

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