Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 Strikes!

Ok, the Love Dare got a little difficult today! I had to ask Richie 3 things that I do that irritate him or make him uncomfortable. HOWEVER, I have to do this and not offer any excuse or justification for my actions--basically you are not supposed to respond. OUCH. Ok, that's SO hard. It is just human nature to want to explain why you do certain things or even get upset when you hear someone tell you things that you do that irritate them. But, today's lesson is on Love is NOT Rude. So, the design is to create a safe atmosphere for them to share things with you that maybe that wouldn't normally feel comfortable doing so.
Tonight I got to sit in on Master's course that I am hopefully going to be teaching in a semester or so. In fact, I get to teach one night of the course (3 chapters of stuff)! It was so refreshing to be back in class--I miss it! I know, that's not what everybody wants to hear from me though! Maybe I'll start looking into a few doctorate programs..... :)

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