Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adelina to the rescue!

I have a housekeeper again! I am SO excited! It means that I will actually be able to have someone walk in unexpected and not freak out about what the guest bathroom looks like or how much dog hair is on the couch! It has been 5 long years of cleaning since I lost my last housekeeper and I am ready to have the help. Heck, it feels like Christmas Eve--I can't sleep I am so excited! It is just more than I can do on my own with as much as I work. Add two kids to the mix and it's next to impossible at times. Of course, I think Richie thought I was nuts when I spent all evening cleaning so that the cleaning lady could come and clean! But, you have to have the junk picked up before she can clean! I just hope she doesn't feel overwhelmed tomorrow and quit the first day! :)
Well, bow season opens tomorrow. I know Richie is excited.
We had a work meeting today in Tulsa. Honestly, I couldn't justify driving 5 hours round trip for 4 hour meeting. The funny part is that a couple of districts got together for this meeting, but then we split into 2 groups! I'm confused! Why get everyone together to just split us up into manageable groups? Oh well, it was a day that I didn't have to make sales calls, so that was a nice change.

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