Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got No Weed :(

I am so bummed. So, so bummed. Ragweed will be in town tomorrow night and I don't get to go. I wish there were some way I could go see them! I am having serious withdrawls! Heck, I even tried to talk Kyle and Angela into taking me!! But somebody's gotta keep the kids!
Anyway, this weekend has been cram packed with football and fairs. We went to the Razorback game Saturday and had some AWESOME seats. A friend of Richie's gave them to him since he couldn't go. The only problem was that we had a very up close view of the butt-kicking that Alabama gave us!
I have added pictures of my cakes from a few weekends ago. It's amazing how different they look in pictures. They look so much better in person, but for some reason the angle of the pictures just distorts the cake. I guess I haven't quite figured out how to take a picture of a cake!
Also, I have started a Photo Blog--the link is on the right-hand side under "Connections". I think it's the last link in the list. I have put several pictures from the last few months on there.
We went to the fair this afternoon and had such a great time. I was so impressed with Weston and Kylie's bravery today! They rode all of the big people rides and had so much fun! Wesotn was a little apprehensive on a few, but after they were over, he loved them. I was even scared on a couple of them, so to see them get on and enjoy the ride really impressed me.

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