Saturday, April 22, 2006

Working (Wo)man's Blues

Well, I am in sunny Orlando, FL for my Yellow Page conference. The hotel we are staying at is definitely "uppity" and has tons of perks I won't be utilizing due to the excess in cost! For example, our refrigerator is stocked with drinks...sodas, liquor, etc. However, the canned coke is $3. No thanks. Just not that thirsty! There's something about price-gouging that just leaves me with no desire to quench my thirst.
Well, I am FRANTICALLY trying to write my last 2 papers and finish up my team project! AAHH! But on a good note (which is driving my diligence to complete my assignments), I made a 75/75, yes 100%, on my first paper in the class! I about fell out of my chair when I saw my grade! That is definitely rewarding considering I had spent HOURS at Sweet Bay cramming, writing, and rewriting!
Now, to keep up the standard! I am worried these won't be as easy...It's hard to concentrate here. But I will do my best!
Well, I better get started...the papers aren't going to write themselves!


thirty-something said...

Take it easy!!!....I was worrying because I haven't heard anything from you in so long. Glad you're OK.

Faithful said...

I am here, just BUSY as you can read! Hopefully things will settle down someday!