Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Part I
So, it's Day 2 of our Milestone Seminar...yes, I got my paper written finally! Oh, the elation I felt to have that behind me. So, I will recap a little bit of yesterday and catch you up on the proceedings of the conference. The journey started Tuesday morning when I left around 6:30 am from the house...I had one pit stop to make, but other than that I was on my way. What was the pit stop?? HELLO! It was April 4th...the release of Rascal Flatt's new album. So, I made a beeline for Wal-Mart, grabbed my bonus pack and I was on my way. First, the important stuff...the CD is awesome. I have to say it's one of their better ones. It covers all the bases. In fact, I found an awesome song on it for my brother's graduation slideshow called My Wish. Ok, back to the story. So, I head toward Rogers, thinking I am making such good time. I was supposed to be there by 8:30 problem. Or so I thought! Because this "country" girl didn't realize that she would experience "city" traffic on her way. I sat on the interstate at a complete standstill for about 15 this point it is 8 am and I am several, several exits from my destination. So, I FINALLY make it to the right exit and misread my directions. I thought it said 2nd stop light, well it says 2nd st. stop light. I put it all together and realize that I am on 34th street....8:30 at this point. So, I make it to 2nd STREET stoplight finally and find all the other turns fairly well from there, just late. It's 9 am when I pull up to this gated property. I identify myself at the gate that opens (NOW THAT's a gate opener!!!) When I arrive at the circle drive in front of this huge "Manor", I am immediately greeted and my car is valet-parked. SWEET! I couldn't believe the service. After all, I am technically "in class"....luckily they haven't started yet, so I head inside (oh yeah, they even carry my bags in for me). The place is gorgeous and huge! Rumor is that the manor sits on 95 acres and the back wall of the place is mostly windows to view the lake from. What a place!
Well, it's time for class to start again...more to come!

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thirty-something said...

I'm confused....what kind of classes are you taking?!
Are you in Rogers, Arkansas? I must've miss a blog or two...