Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunburn vs Screenburn

So, in Orlando with an awesome pool, 85 degree weather and libations (new term for me...sounded dirty at first, but soon realized it is a fancy way to say alcoholic beverage here), one would expect to suffer a little sunburn. Well, I am probably the only person here out of the umpteen million guests suffering from screenburn due to holing up in my room writing grad papers. HOWEVER, 1 paper is finished! Yes, finished and even emailed to the professor! The only glitch in the paper was that I wrote 9 pages versus the 5 page limit...let's see how much he values content over guideline. I wrote a nice note in the email that he requested so much information that I HAD to go over the limit.
Anyway, stay tuned for the grade! 1 more paper and a few slides for my presentation to go and then I am home free til May 12th...that's when I start my Strategic Analysis course.
We are at the official Day 1 of the conference. Last night kicked off the event with a reception and refreshments. Some goodies were not so fig and goat cheese on a soggy cracker-YUCK! Others were yummy-quesadillas with guacamole.
After the reception we went down to the restaurant and ate real food-Denise picked up the tab thank goodness because the $25/day limit would not suffice here. A mini pizza was $15 and the water here is horrendous so I ordered a bottled water-$10. In the defense of the bottled water, it was Evian and was rather large, but come on-$10? There is a Starbucks at the hotel, so I am in mocha heaven! At the awful price of $4.57 per cup however!
Well, I am on a break from the conference trying to get the writing juices flowing for my final paper, so I better get back to the writing that is due!

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