Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Milestones Continued.....

Part 2 (Read part 1 first for full effect....)
So, I pull up at the house and get settled inside. I feel as if I am at church camp again only in some fancy mansion because there are 5 of us to a bedroom. However, "bedroom" is a loose term in the sense that this room has 2 long (probably 25 feet?) bathrooms...his and hers. The room is rather spacious (it holds 2 full size beds and 3 roll-aways, desk, sitting area...need I go on?). The counters in the bathroom are made of some really expensive marble. The place reminds of the ranch that Mom and Jim used to live at in Edmond only 3 times nicer!
Our first meeting is in the Great Room. The Great Room is a great big room! It has furniture that per piece is more expensive than my car! I feel as if I am on some pampered retreat...yet I remind myself I am earning college credit here! Once we meet in the Great Room, Wendy, our leader, presents us with an envelope. There are 18 of us students convened here and we open the this is beginning to feel like some weird game of Clue (considering the surroundings). The envelope is a scavenger hunt throughout the house that has a reflective moment attached with each new envelope. What inspires you? What motivates you? It was definitely an interesting way to tour the home!
After our guided tour, we head to the Learning Center for "classroom work". Let me say, the lessons here are incredible. What I have learned about myself, my relational aspects with others, and social awareness in general is refreshing, intriguing, and definitely convicting. I thought an awesome quote from the first day (ok, I have several, so the 1st awesome quote) was "I don't know what you value until I have seen it cost you." Not sure who to give credit to on that one, but it's very convicting. What do I value? What would hurt the most if I lost it? And most importantly, are my values in the right things?
Well, dinnertime is now! So, til the next blog!

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