Saturday, April 29, 2006

Live from the Grand Ole Opry

So, last weekend it was poolside in Orlando, this weekend it is out in the audience at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. I am beginning to feel like a world traveler....with serious jetlag.
But first things first--I finished ALL of the papers and team project for my class! YEAH! I even get a Thursday night off this coming Thursday. I am going to relish it because it will probably be the last one I see for awhile. For those keeping score, that is 9 hours down (yes, in 4 months with a job and 3 work trips!) and only 25 (or so) to go. I am hoping to complete this degree in August '07.
Now back to the travels. I am in Nashville, TN this week for a Military conference. Kyle was able to come with me and we left a few days early to see the sights! Today we went to the Opry Mall and shopped a bit. Then, tonight we went to the Grand Ole Opry. The big names there were Jennifer Hanson and Craig Morgan. I wish we had been one weekend later--Joe Nichols and Julie Roberts will be there then! :( Oh well, it was still a great time!
I am ready to be home for a little while though. I honestly can't remember my last weekend home. I will probably be lost when it happens!
Tomorrow we plan to do the downtown tour of Music Row, etc. Hopefully it won't rain too bad.
We also did a little shopping today for Weston's birthday and picked up a few movies for him--King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia and Garfield--from my grandma. He's turning 6! I can't believe it has been 6 years!
Well, I am ready to turn in for the evening! See ya!

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