Friday, April 14, 2006

The Lil' Things

Well, we are HOME this weekend...yes, home. I know, I know...I'll give you a minute to pick your chin up. Now, are you alright?
Ok, so I will have to write about the little things going on. First, it's Easter weekend, so we will be spending Sunday split between the families. Tonight we went to Weston's first teeball game. It was just a pratice round, but the season is definitely getting ready to begin. I needed practice in being a teeball Mom as well....I found myself a little frustrated during the game and could've easily gotten in trouble with my mouth! However, the other team did need to stay in the batter's box--it was clear they invented the concept because of that team. Weston did well-he hit the ball everytime and scored a run the last hit. He is still going to have to learn to pay attention. He looked SO cute in the field though. He got some cool sunglasses today and insisted on wearing them to the game!
Tomorrow is our motorcycle ride! I am excited and all the parents and grandparents are scared to death....They have been giving us a daily report on the fatalities. It's not like we've haven't ridden before. I do understand though that we can't control the other people on the road. So, I will make sure we pray before we ride and then enjoy ourselves. Hopefully the weather will hold out as well!
Well, we just ordered a pay-per-view movie--Yours, Mine, and Ours. So, I will write more later!

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