Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dallas does NASCAR

Well, I couldn't stand it. Dallas was just too close to not drive to the NASCAR race...I think I am officially hooked! So, Kyle, the kids, and I set out for Dallas Friday evening after work. The kids did awesome during the drive there. It was probably because it got dark and they couldn't see each other to pester! We got to Greg and Carrie's house around 10:30 or so. I was so pooped from the conference the 3 days before and then packing up and going after work that day. I fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of Harry Potter! Sorry guys! :) Saturday morning saw us up fairly early (ok 7:30, but hey I was EXHAUSTED!) and we got ready so that we could leave and have a few hours before the race to swing in the hospitality booth and the merchandise section. Since this is Kyle's first race, I wanted us to have enough time to relish it. Once we got there I called Todd (see last NASCAR race blog for who he is) and told him we were there to see if he could "sneak" us into the hospitality booth. You would think I would have enough clout to get into my own company's entertainment booth...HA! Anyway, we got in and I talked with several of the RVP's and sales managers/representatives from Dallas. Everyone was very friendly and the food wasn't too bad...Kylie would have LOVED it-they had a huge thing of cooked mushrooms! After we ate and hung out a bit, we headed out to the merchandise tents. I was amazed at all of the people that were there! Definitely a lot more than Atlanta...We headed into the race shortly thereafter and the fun began...as well as the sunburn! But we enjoyed it anyway--we got to witness firsthand the "snow angel" in action after his win!

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thirty-something said...

Hi Tara....have a nice weekend!!Give the kids a hug for us.