Friday, July 01, 2011

What Happened to June?

I literally blinked and June is over.  Gone.  And I didn't blog a single day in June.  But once I tell you everything I did in June, you will understand completely why! I felt like I didn't stop for the whole month! Where to begin?  I think I'll do several small posts because I have so many posts that deserve pics and their "own post".  Such great times happened in June and I don't want any of them getting skipped!
So, the kids went to school until June 4th since we had the massive winter weather season of the South around here.  But, honestly, I didn't mind! :) Not sure what they thought, but with the house getting close to completion, I really didn't want to deal with kiddos out of school a day sooner than I had to!
So, here comes all of my JUNE posts!

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