Monday, May 30, 2011

More House Pics!!

I am SOOOO ready for our house! It's coming along wonderfully! Here are some more pics of progress.  So far, everything has worked out wonderful!  The only mishap we had was with paint.  The paint guys painted our ceilings a couple of weeks ago and when we went by that evening the color just didn't seemed to be what I had, the next night I brought my small can by of the paint sample and asked the paint guy to just humor me and check it.  I just knew I was seeing things and for some reason it just "painted" differently than what the sample showed.  Well, I was surprised (and very glad) to find out that the paint people gave him the wrong color!! I know he wasn't so pleased though! Luckily, like I said, he only had the ceilings done at the point, so that was all he had to redo thankfully.  I am just glad I said something though because I don't think I could've lived with that other color.  Richie and I thought that other color reminded us of old lady make-up foundation! Ha ha!

The stairs again, but with stain this time!! (No carpet yet though...still to come)

Upstairs looking down...LOVE the way they turned out!

Master bathroom tile--picture just doesn't do it justice.  It's such a pretty color!

And no house is complete without deer in the yard!!! Richie is beyond thrilled!
More pics to come!! We are almost there!!


Jen S. said...

Awesome...everything looks GREAT! I'm SO GLAD you caught the wrong paint color...way to go!!

I too am excited to get to meet you when you are here...woohooo! I think my schedule will be pretty open during that time, so we'll just work around your schedule (I know you'll be busy when you're here). I can't wait to see you!!

Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful!!! The deer are great, but watch out, they love to eat flowers and plants! I finally found some stuff to spray on my plants so they won't eat them!!