Sunday, May 01, 2011

Weekend....Wet Weekend! UGH!

I cannot believe it's Sunday already! The weekend is over! But we had a decent one--nothing much to comment on really, but still a good weekend.
Friday night, we went to a cook-out at the FS campus of our church and just hung out with some great folks and ate some good food.  Then, we sat around a campfire and sang a few songs.  Such a nice, relaxing evening...low key, but fun!
Yesterday was full of house stuff.  We are to that stage now where we are trying to pin down paint colors, stain, etc.  Such fun! Then, yesterday evening, Weston and I went birthday shopping for him.  His birthday is on Mother's Day, so he is having his party Friday night with friends and then Sunday we will celebrate with family. He is to that age where I don't dare buy clothes without him with me! So we headed to Old Navy where he got several shirts/shorts! He's set for the summer!
Today was church and I was thrilled to hear our worship team sing a Third Day song off of their new album! LOVED IT!
Here's to next week!! :)

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Jen S. said...

Hi sweet friend~
Sounds like you had a very nice weekend...yae!!
PS--that's so funny that you too love Aventures In Babysitting! You and I are so much alike! It cracks me up :)
Here's to a great week ahead!!