Friday, May 06, 2011

Richie's ER Visit

I am quickly turning into a "weekend  blogger" and I hate that.  But, life is beyond busy right now!  Plus, when I sit down to blog, it takes me an hour to catch up on blogs I follow!
We have had one crazy, busy week! I hope he doesn't kill me for sharing the week's events on the blog, but our busy week started Tuesday afternoon when I was in Conway.  I was at a lunch at a doctor's office and Richie called.  When I was able to call him back, he told me he was having chest pains and was thinking about going to the doctor.  I told him to go straight to the ER because the doc's office wouldn't be able to do anything, so he did.  Well, he wasn't having a heart attack thankfully.  However, they wanted to do more tests to make sure there was nothing wrong.  So, they decided to admit him and do the tests the next morning. So, after he called, I sped home from Conway to make sure Landen was picked up on time and to get to the hospital to see him.  Ok, a 19 month old at a hospital is a BAD IDEA.  I am sure the entire 3rd floor were happy to see us leave.  I hated to leave hubby at the hospital all by himself, but I was honestly afraid we would be kicked out!
I took off the next day and got the kiddos off to school and Landen to the sitter's house and ran a few errands while Richie was in his tests and then headed up to the hospital to see him.  I had scheduled a haircut appt for Landen that afternoon though, so I was only able to stay a couple of hours before I had to head back to Greenwood to take care of that.  At that point however, he had gotten a few test results back and everything was coming back normal thankfully! So, don't think I am a bad wife--I knew he was in the clear for the most part before I left! After they got the final results back, all were good by the way, he was discharged and came home!
Tuesday night (when Richie was admitted to the hospital), was Weston's 5th grade performance.  I HATED to miss it as I know it's his last one, but I really wanted to be with Richie and support him.  It was hard though because I hadn't told the kids where I was going, so I had hoped that Weston wouldn't be upset at me.
I am so very thankful to have my husband back and that his heart is OK (and as his buddies said, to find out he has a heart! ha ha!!)....

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Jen S. said...

OH MY GOSH what an absolute scare!! I'm so glad he got all checked out and he's ok. What a relief!!
Sounds like things are VERY busy and hectic with you all.
Thinking of you, and again, just glad to hear he's ok.

Also--I hope YOU have a very Happy Mother's Day!