Sunday, May 29, 2011

House Update!

Our house is ALMOST done! We are SO ready to get out of this duplex and have our own space....These pics are from a few weeks ago....I have some more updated ones I'll post later.  It's taking forever to load pics!
Upstairs Balcony/Gallery before being stained

Another view of balcony

View of house from across the street
Stained cabinets! So pretty!

More cabinets!

Paint on the 20 ft ceiling

Arch in master bathroom

Paint on ceiling of dining room

Start of stairs...downstairs.

House from the outside! LOVE IT!!
It's coming along so nicely!


Jen S. said...

Hi sweet friend!
WOW...your house looks amazing...what a dream house! I love the black iron decor. on the stair railing...I think it looks so awesome! I bet you are beyond excited to have it be done and get moved in. How exciting! I'm so happy for you and your family :)

Katie said...

Hey there, I haven't comented in forever and I don't know if you check old posts, but your home is beautiful!! I love it!! Great job.