Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kylie's Hair Cut

Kylie has been growing out her hair to cut it for Locks for Love.  Well, it has gotten pretty dried out this summer (and has a slight green tint to it). She has also been begging me to just cut it off as it's so long and driving her crazy with all the tangles.  So, I decided that by the time we cut off the split ends, etc, there wouldn't be enough left for Locks for Love.  So, I caved and let her cut it off like she wanted! She was thrilled!!! And boy did it start to curl right up! All the weight was gone and her curls bounced right back!
Here's the BEFORE shot..keep in mind her hair is still down past the bottom of the pic when you compare the AFTER. Her hair is curly here from her braids she had in at her softball game.

AFTER! She got at least 6-8 inches cut off! She is SOOO happy! 

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