Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still June--but we finally moved in our house!

Well, as soon as I got back from Vegas, it was moving time.  Richie had already started because I had committed us to be out of the dupex by the end of the month, so he had a lot of the big stuff moved.  However, there was still a TON of stuff to move.  UGH, UGH, UGH.  We were so worn out by the time we got everything moved.  But good news is, we are in the house and a month later I can honestly say most (not all) of the stuff has been put away.  Don't get me wrong, still plenty to do, but it is definitely starting to feel like home.  I just love this house--it's perfect in every way.  I think knowing we started with an idea a year ago and now we have this home has made it feel like that.  I literally thank God everyday for such a great blessing.  I love the location, too.  So easy to get to town but still close to Gwd.  Anyway, here's a few pics I took toward the end.  I really need to get some final pics taken, but just have been too busy!  As I get each room situated, I'll try and post some interior pics as well! Thanks to my brother and his girlfriend and our good friend Jeremy for helping us move.  We honestly could not have done it without them! Such life savers (and back savers, too)!!

Front bed landscaping--Richie did this all by himself and he's just so proud of it!

The staircase with carpet.  I love the caramel color and pattern!! Please ignore the dusty bannister--this was right after the carpet was installed.  

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Jen S. said...

I'm so glad you are now in your new house and getting unpacked! What a relief for you. I'm so happy for you guys...I think your new home is just beautiful! PS--we've been out of town for a week (went back home to North Dakota!) so I've been out of the blogging loop for a little while! Feels good to be back :)