Monday, July 25, 2011

Vegas, Part 2!! (Yes, over a MONTH ago...)

I am just so far behind it's not even funny anymore.  BUT, I do not want to miss posting on some great things that have happened lately!!
So, to Vegas, Part 2!!  I went back to Vegas about 5 days after I got back from the first trip.  It was another work trip, but a little different this time and not so crammed with things that we had to do.  So, I was able to really enjoy this visit! Another cool thing through blogging is that I meant such a sweet, dear friend--JEN! She stumbled upon my blog and was so sweet to comment one time and I just had to check out her site and left her some love as well.  From there, we just hit it off--we have an incredible amount of things in common--Adventures in Babysitting movie, Moscato d' Asti, you name it, we both love it! She was also the sweet friend who helped talk me through how to make a wreath for my front door.  My wreath didn't even come close to how cute hers was, but it was worth the shot.
Anyway, we met up for dinner and shopping one night and had such a fun time exploring the Vegas Strip.  We ate at a great Italian place and then shopped a bit before heading over to the Cosmopolitan to check out the great foyer!  Then, we were off to find the gigantic high heels that she has her picture in on her blog.  We found them! Supposedly they don't want people climbing on them, so we had to be super sneaky and wait for the security guy to walk by and then we jumped in real fast and snapped away! It as so funny if you watched us just get the courage to do something "daring"! :)  We also went to Sugar Factory which is basically a candy store but it's famous for all of the stars that come in it! The girl that was ringing up our candy told us that Holly Madison always comes down there and gets cinnamon gummy bears.  She said that after Holly leaves, all of the customers buy whatever Holly bought! Too funny! They also have these sucker sticks that are $15! You just buy a different sucker and use your "bling stick". They are covered in "bling" and different stars design their own....I almost bought Kylie one but couldn't bring myself to spend $15 on a sucker stick! Jen, I had such a great time with ya!!! Can't wait to hang out again!! Don't forget, it's your turn to come to my hometown--HAHA!!

The large chandelier in the Cosmopolitan

Cosmo foyer

The "experience" in the Cosmo--the towers change designs continuously.

The infamous heels!

The black heel--we played it safe here and didn't get in!

Sugar Factory

Chillin' at the Cosmo!


Small Town Girl said...

Tara this is awesome...I have read Jen's blog for a really long time and love seeing all the amazing things that Jen and her family are doing..Love seeing all the pictures of Jeven& Steve...Jeven is beautiful she looks so much like he mom.. Glad you got to hang out with your new blogging buddy..It is amazing how you can find such awesome new friends from blogging...P.S. love your new house.. It looks beautiful from the road when I pass it taking Skylar to my parents house and all the pictures of the inside just beautiful..

Jen S. said...

Tara--I loved your post! You are SO SWEET and I'm so glad to call you friend :)
I had a blast with you in Vegas! It was SO MUCH FUN! I'm still cracking up about us taking the pics. with the funny :) I can't wait until you come back and we'll do it again! Woohoooo!