Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kylie in the Christmas Parade

Well, another December, another Christmas parade for Kylie! She was so cute--as I was making the signs for the car, she asked about next year's parade! We hadn't even made it to this one--I'm telling you she LOVES them!
I was scrambling for what to wear--it's so cold, but I wanted her to look dressy, so I went with a coat and hat my Mom had made her. She looked cute! She wanted her hair curly, but I didn't have a curling iron unpacked and couldn't find the sponge rollers. So, I scrunched and sprayed--and it wasn't too bad! Her hair is so hard to handle sometimes!

Kylie Bug!
Kylie in the Car!

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Erin said...

She looked beautiful!! Chilly, but beautiful!!