Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girls' Night Out--XMAS STYLE!

Tuesday night was the 2nd annual Girls' Night at Terri's house and we had such a blast! She has the most beautiful Christmas decorations and I've heard her home is just as cute during the rest of the year....told her she's coming to help me decorate when I get done building! :)
The party was so much fun--great appetizers, a fun pomegranate cranberry punch, and of course Dirty Santa! There were some cute little gifts that I had my eye on! But, they don't call it Dirty Santa for nothing--it gets dirty when the stealing starts!

Laura rockin' her cool bracelets!
I think Michele was just a little upset over the steal??
I stole the cute apron!!
Really Mer? You don't even cook!!!
Michele in rare form!
PJ Girls
The Group! "Garrett!!!"

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