Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with My Dad

Dad and Eva made it down last night for dinner and Christmas with us! We had such a great, great time! The kids just love my Dad because he is like a big kid himself. They were so proud of the present they bought him that they couldn't stand the wait for him to open it...too funny! So, we opened presents before dinner!
My Dad bought us a family gift--an Xbox Kinect and the kids (including me and Richie) have had a total blast with it!
The kids picked out a t-shirt for my Dad that has a real working guitar on it--they thought that was just the coolest thing and so did he! I got Eva a "ThirtyOne" bag with her name on it and she just loved it--she thought that it was so cool that her name was on there! :)
We had such a fun time eating lasagna and playing Kinect Adventures and watching my Dad rock out on his t-shirt!

Dad with his cool shirt--I forgot to get a pic of him rocking out!
Eva and her new lunch tote!
The kids with their XBox Kinect--Kylie was excited about trying the Zumba!!
The kids in action...side note--this pic has a dog that was a little "excited" in the background. So sorry! Didn't notice until just now! Not sure what got in to him, but he was spreading his affection!
Thank you Dad for the wonderful visit! We enjoyed spending time with you. I think my favorite part of the evening was the big smile and look on my Dad's face when he was leaving--so glad to have him back in my life! Love ya Dad!

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