Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gonna Be a Big Girl Tomorrow Night

I am gonna put my big girl panties on and deal with it. I am gonna pray for God's hand on me (preferrably over my mouth). I am gonna smile big. I am gonna make it through the evening. I can do it--even if I don't really want to.

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me now for the two shots it will take to get me there though.



Tonia Hobbs said...

Oh dear. . . I am not sure if I know what "function" you are talking about, but if it is what I am thinking, I wasnt planning on attending. . . but I am starting to wonder if perhaps I should in case we all need to join hands a pray? or sing Kum Ba Yah? You just let me know. . . The Mr. is on the night shift, so he will be on duty. . . AND THIS GIRL WOULD NEVER GO IN ALONE.

SheWolf said...

Yes it is "that" function and yes I want you there to hold MY hand!!! :) I need some support! Taking all I got to know why I don't want to go right? Wasn't sure you knew the story?? Anyway, please be there! I'll save ya a seat--just let me know if you are coming!! :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

I dont smile because of your anxiety about not wanting to go, but because of the question, "you know why I dont want to go right?"
The answer to that would be No. Brad Hobbs doesnt share much information (and he is REALLY good at minding his own business!), for example, a dress up birthday party where everyone was dressed up. . .except for my daughter. . .that is how we roll. The invitation was in the front seat of his car for 3 weeks.

SheWolf said...

You're too funny--Brad sounds like Richie. I am usually the last to know too (and sometimes I like it that way!).
Well, I would tell you the story, but trust me you wouldn't believe it anyway. You would think I was just telling you about last week's episode of Desperate Housewives or something. I swear I could write a book on some of this stuff and it would have to be classified fiction because no one would believe it!!