Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Checkmarks on my List

I actually feel like I got a few things accomplished this weekend while everyone was away. But wiht Landen, I didn't get nearly as much as I would've liked. That's OK, I am relishing every minute of baby time right now because it seems to be flying by!
I thoroughly enjoyed our sermon today. I would call it the "holier than thou" sermon because it was on self-righteous versus humility. Luke 18:9-14 was the passage and it was such an eye opener. How many times have we made sure everyone knows of our good deeds and how we aren't "like those people"? However, in the parable it talks about how God's mercy was given to the tax collector because he simply and humbly told God he was sorry for being a sinner. It was so humbling to hear as I have several people in my life right now going through difficult times. I find myself letting God know of what great things I accomplish and how I don't do "they stuff they do", but that isn't what he wants from me. He wants my sin! I listened to the sermon and thought about how I have felt like the tax collector before--where everyone around you points at you and is glad they aren't you. Then, I have been the Pharisee where I am pointing....and I was so humbled and remorseful for my actions. I felt awful. But then I thought back to an hour before church started when Richie and I attended the membership class for our church. The pastor had talked about how our church accepts everyone--even if you have a past, even if you have made mistakes. And I thought, "Wow, I am in the perfect place." I am right where I need to be. I love our church and the feeling I get from my time there. I need my church--I needed the message today to step all over my toes and remind me that I make plenty of mistakes to keep my busy about worrying about myself and not everyone else's mistakes. I want to embrace others, not condemn them.
One more thing on my heart. I have a friend who is going through some trying times as a parent. I feel such a deep sorrow for her and the things she has experienced in the past week. As a parent, she is struggling with some of the most difficult and trying times she will face with her children. But, instead of being mad at God, when I talked with her, I realized she has her eyes on God and fully trusts him. She was full of faith that he will open her daughter's eyes and it just impressed me so much. She has such a strong love for her children and for God....and you know what? I think she is right--he will be there for her daughter when she's ready to come back to Him. Between now and that day, I will continue to pray for her and that she just remains strong and full of that faith.
Well, it's off to another Monday!

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Katie said...

I love what you said in this post very real. I like real. I hate when I become the one pointing the finger when all God asks of me is to Love People. I am trying to love everyone where ever they are. That is what Jesus did he loved them right where they were. Thank you Jesus!!