Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Wanna Move Back to the Country!

Ok, this city living stuff is scary! I have seen more critters in the last 9 months at our new home than I saw in 5 plus years "in the country". We just killed our 2nd snake 2 days ago! The first snake was Easter Sunday and we were pulling up at the house and Richie had just opened the garage door when we saw the snake crawling along the side of the house...heading for the garage. Richie jumped out of the van and the snake turned around, but then he saw Richie and headed right back to the garage--and right into it! However, there was a glue pad right at the inside corner of the garage and he had a little trouble navigating after that! The kids and I were in the van...they were like "oh cool, look mom!" I was screaming and covering my eyes. Snakes and scorpions get the same response from me.
So two days ago, the kids and Richie were coming home afterschool when another snake was in the SAME spot and heading toward the garage. Richie got out and grabbed a Swiffer mop and tried to head him off. This one started up the wall of the house on the electrical boxes---AAAHHH! He then made his way to the back patio and got underneath my new couch (which funny thing was one of my fears that critters would be there and I would sit down and not know it)....after that he got up on the windowsill. YUCK.
So, I am ready for some country living--'cause this city stuff is kind of scary!!

2010 Snake Count: 2 (and it's only April)


Tonia Hobbs said...

I am terrified of snakes.
I am terrified of snakes.
I am terrified of snakes.

SheWolf said...

Amen sister!!