Sunday, April 04, 2010

Patio Makeover

Ever since we bought this house last July, I have wanted to have outdoor living furniture on the patio to enjoy. I searched and searched last summer and just didn't see anything I liked. So, we waited until this spring to search again. And I finally found something!! Here's some before and after shots of the back patio...I LOVE it! I would really like to enclose the area into a sunroom, but I'm not sure how much that would cost and don't know if I really have the time to deal with it right now, so we will enjoy the back area for now in it's "natural state". So excited to have somewhere to entertain and hang out with the family!

The Before Shot....

And the finished product!


Katie said...

I love it!! Where did you get the patio furniture? I love it, great job!!

SheWolf said...

I searched and searched trying to find something I liked...found this at Sam's! Love the color--I think that's what sold me!