Friday, April 23, 2010

My Big Boy

I am at home right now waiting on my shipment of drug samples. In the meantime, I am trying to catch up on some emails, documents, etc. I thought I would take a little break and blog about my "big boy".
Weston will be 10 years old (DOUBLE DIGITS!!) in a couple of weeks. And I have started to see the "big boy" changes in him lately. First of all, he will not let me pick out his clothes without him being there. When we shop, he asks for suggestions, but I can definitely tell that he has some likes and dislikes now. We went shopping last weekend and bought all of the kids a ton of clothes for the spring/summer (come on GKS check!!). He is very self-conscious about his clothes and looks. Such a change from even 6 months ago! The other thing he asks for is to have his hair fixed every morning. His hair is getting long and really does need to be fixed, but he wants it "styled". So funny! He gets it styled, hairspray and all every morning--which is a HUGE change for him! He's growing up on me! He even wants "undershirts" now for all of his clothes and he likes only one style of socks. I remember this age though when the awareness of your appearance starts to become a reality. It's so neat to watch all of the stages of growth in my kids' lives....and bittersweet!
And finally, I found this shirt last night at the GKS sale when I went to drop off a few more items (actually Kylie found it and wanted to get it for Landen and Richie).....and I happily obliged. Can't wait til Richie sees it!! :)

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