Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Weather! Gotta love it!

I have to say that a huge perk of my job is being able to stay home when the weather is bad. Our "general" rule is that if your school is closed, then you don't have to get out in the bad weather. It's nice to be able to spend the day with the kids and not have to bug the rest of the family to watch them or to even have to get them out in the bad weather! I felt sorry for my brother today though--he called his boss and told her he wouldn't be able to make it in due to the weather and she told him that plenty of people in his area had made it and so he could too! That is so wrong! First of all, he's a college student on an hourly wage and if he doesn't feel safe traveling and is willing to lose a day's pay, then I think that's fair. The place he works is like that though and I think it is ridiculous.
We have decided not to take the motorhome to Kylie's competition since it will be later in the afternoon and we can drive there and back in a day. Plus, it is winterized and we don't want to have to re-winterize it later since it's only January and very likely to get cold several more times before we would use it again.
We spent last weekend picking out campsites for this summer. We found a park that we absolutely love and booked a reservation for 4th of July weekend. My grandparents and parents quickly followed, so it looks like a family affair! It will be tons of fun to get out and camp again. The kids are pumped about it! Kylie went with us to check out the parks and she is so excited because they have a swimming pool with cool slides.
My 2nd partner is back at work and I am very happy for him. I know it was a trying time for him, but he proved his integrity and is back at work and happy to be there.
Well, stay safe and warm this week!

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