Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Home Away From Home

So, we have had a 5th wheel sitting in my yard for nearly 18 months now and NEVER used it. You see it was a gift from my parents for my college graduation. It is a very nice camper--38 feet, huge living room, nice bedroom--you name it, it's in it. However, there was just one small problem with the 5th wheel.....pulling it. You see, I acquired the 5th wheel in the divorce and well, Kyle got the truck. Soooo, not really easy to "travel" with it. Therefore, it's just sat in my yard all of this time. Until now.
Yep, we sold it...and got a new one! I have been bugging Richie for about 6 months or so about trading it in and getting a new one. He wasn't opposed, but it didn't want to do anything that would hamper buying/building a house one day. So, it was bargain shopping for me. I wanted to find something very close in price to my camper so that he would consider trading it. I really miss camping and I know the kids probably don't even remember going--that's how long it's been! I haven't camped in over 2 years!
Well, that's all about to change! So, here's some pictures of our new baby! Our first road trip is going to be to Kylie's cheerleading competition in Tulsa. Wish us luck!

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