Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can I Have a Mulligan on Today?

Today has been absolutely weird and I would love to live out the Groundhog Day movie and try it again. Nothing bad has happened to me or my family, but the news I have gotten from friends has been, well, weird....
First of all, I was talking to Kyle this morning about the whole weekend logistics--you know the "I need clothes, does Kylie have practice" and so forth. I mentioned something about the metal building he is renting and he springs the news on me. He's not waiting until 2010 to get married, he's getting married this spring! Wow! Like I told him, I am more than thrilled for him and Angela, but now I will lose my renter--and I wasn't quite ready for that. Ok, so at this point, the day is still workable. Good news with a twist, but it's workable.
Then I get disturbing news from my manager. Well, she didn't give me the disturbing news--she gave me good news...for me. But I think it may not be good news for my two counterparts that I work with. She wouldn't elaborate, no details. Nothing. After some time passed, I realized that I may be the only person left in my territory that has a job. Very disturbing. I never want to see someone lose their job. This is such a bad time in the economy and job market. Not to mention so many people are being let go in our industry that there are more people than there are jobs.
So, I would like to start the day over! Too much drama for one day. Can we spread this out a bit so I can digest it a little easier?

On to better news. Tomorrow we are going to look a motorhome. I am excited! We are finally trading in the 5th wheel that is sitting out in my yard and has yet to be used. The motorhome is absolutely beautiful! I am saying my prayers tonight that the deal goes well--but I know if it is meant to be, then God will let it happen.

So, I think I am going to take some Tylenol PM and call it an evening. I can't handle anymore news today!

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