Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kylie Makes a Recovery

Well, good news! Kylie has no broken bones and looks to be just fine sans the road rash/cuts. She "felt" tons better after Dr. Barton (Jackson was booked up OF COURSE!) showed her "her skeleton"! She was absolutely amazed to see her innards--it was cute! I am so glad this weekend is a kid-free weekend. I love the rascals, but hey, I am really ready for a break. I have been home with them for 2 weeks solid and I need some peace and quiet before we gear back up for work, school, basketball, cheerleading....and so on! I am sure gonna miss the downtime with the family though. It's been nice to sleep in and take it easy.
Well, I started working out yesterday and got all dressed and ready for my workout today. However, our TV remote in the bedroom where the Wii is won't cooperate! I beat it and beat it to the point I was furious. The thing has given us problems for awhile. So, I stomped into the living room and started googling a replacement. The don't make the original anymore (wonder why? hhmm, could it be it's a piece of crap!), but they have a "replacement" for it. I am waiting on a response from a ebay guy selling one pretty cheap. So, cross your fingers we get a new remote or I will lose my mind!
So, I guess I won't play Guitar Hero tonight either (it's hooked up to the same TV)...and I was just getting the hang of it! Richie and the kids and I are a regular band these days. It's cute to watch the fam jam out to a little Ted Nugent!
Have a great weekend!

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