Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Body

I am home today due to being a little under the weather. But that gives me time to catch up on my Beverly Hills 90210 marathon. I bought the original Beverly Hills 90210 Season 1 on DVD (Season 2 is on it's way--thank you Ebay) and I am enjoying going back and watching the show from the start. There were a few years I quit watching it, so I thought the best way to see again is from the very beginning. The clothes are hilarious! I remember when the show was originally on the air and just being completely star struck by the actors, their wardrobes and the Beverly Hills life. Now it's just comical! A sign of our times, huh?
Richie is on his way to pick up our new motorhome. I said a little prayer for him today. The motorhome hasn't moved in 2 years and actually more than that if you really think about it since my parents didn't use it much either. Anyway, I know how cold it is and I don't know how good the tires are since it's been parked in the grass. I really hope they don't blow a tire along the way!!! Then, I can't get a hold of my insurance guy this morning to get the insurance started on the new RV, so cross your fingers that he calls me back ASAP to get that started before Richie heads home this afternoon. We haven't told the kids about the motorhome yet--we are just going to wait and let them see it in the driveway when they get home from school! I hope they are as excited as Richie and I are!
Last weekend we went to our first fellowship group at the church we are visiting. We had a great time! It's hard trying to adjust to a new church, new people, etc, but at the very same time it is so exciting and fun! There were only 3 couples present at the group besides us so it was small and informal. Wish us luck as we start exploring our new church a little deeper.
I did receive confirmation that one of my counterparts at work was fired. I am so sad for him and his family. He was the only working one in the family (his wife homeschools the children), so I know that this will be such a tough adjustment for them. But I have to believe that God knows his strengths and what skills he is good at and I know God will find a career that better suits his abilities. No word yet on my other counterpart--I am not allowed to contact him at this time, so I can only wonder if that is due to the possibility he won't be with us much longer. I did receive word yesterday that our manager is already talking with current employees that were displaced during our last realignment in an effort to fill the one vacant position. I have met one person that I know is being considered and he has been with our company for several years and used to sell my product. So I know that he would be a tremendous asset to our team--that's exactly what my area needs right now! So say a prayer that he or someone else with the right experience is brought to our team soon!

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