Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's 2008 BABY!

It's the first day of the New Year and I am NOT ready for 2008. I didn't get my to-do list accomplished at all. But hey, I did enjoy my time off and I am sure gonna miss sleeping in every morning! Hey, how about those Hogs? Oh yeah, they forgot to show up for the football game! That game was AWFUL! I am embarrassed.
I just realized that I didn't do a Christmas post--I skipped straight to the New Year. So, I guess I should back up and reflect on Christmas Day. Once again, it was an exciting morning--however I had to go drag the kids out of bed! But when they got up and saw all the great presents, they woke up very quickly. Weston loved his PS3 and Kylie was thrilled to get a dollhouse complete with the fixings! Plus, plenty of DS games wrapped up the present list. Kylie and Weston also got some cute new clothes (which thrilled Mom!). All in all, it was a great holiday. It was also my first year to host Christmas breakfast. My parents and grandparents came over and we had every breakfast food possible. So much that by lunch, we were too full to enjoy the Christmas meal. Speaking of lunch, we went to Richie's parents where the rest of his family had gathered. I got a new set of dishes--that serves 16--from them which thrilled me. I really wanted a new set of dishes!
I also got the COMPLETE MacGyver series on DVD!
Well, tomorrow is back to work. YUCK. I don't dread it too bad though. I have had plenty of time to rest and it's a short week anyway. Next week, I will be in Chicago all week for training, so if I can make it through 3 days, I'll be good.
Have a great week!

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