Thursday, January 17, 2008

I wanna talk about me!

I spent the day today bragging on myself. Yep, the whole day. Now before you start accusing me of being conceited and full of ME, you probably need the rest of the story. My new job requires us (the employee) to write our own performance reviews. I really like the idea! It's a ton of work, but compared to my last job, it's nice to be able to document your year's worth of accomplishments and discuss them with your supervisor. At my last job, I felt like my boss basically reflected on the last 2 months before the review and gave no consideration to accomplishments 10 months before that. Basically, you were better off to goof around the first 6 months and then work your way into superstar employee right before the review. In fact, I got totally robbed on my last review at my old job. I had some of my biggest accomplishments, but since they were in March and my review wasn't until the following February (nearly 11 months later), they were never noted.
So, this process is pretty cool! You basically file any emails that are sent to you bragging on your abilities, awards given to over the year, etc and write a review to turn in. Then you grade yourself in each of the categories. Your boss reviews it adds/subtracts and it's turned in from there!

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