Monday, January 21, 2008

Reading Machine

I am blown away by Kylie's reading ability! Last night, she sat down and asked me if she could read a story to me. I said yes, and she had me pick out a book. Then, she proceeded to read and did awesome. There were words like "everywhere", "kangaroo", etc and she read them with no hesitation! She's only in kindergarten! I was just amazed because 2 months ago, they started learning the sounds of letters and a few blends. Her progress is phenomenal! She is now in Accelerated Reading at a school--a program that has the kids read books and then test over them. The get so many points per correct test answer and prizes are given at certain point levels. She loves it and her Momma couldn't be more proud! Maybe she'll end up with an English degree like me! :)
I am feeling much better today! I am glad because you don't really have the ability to be sick on the job--it's non-stop go-go-go!
It looks like we may get some yucky weather tonight--but of course it'll be ice and junk that's not fun to play in--just dangerous to drive on! I can already hear sleet hitting the roof....

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